Here’s how one replaces the Modern Kitchen Faucets


The single handle kitchen taps and the dual handle kitchen faucets both have their own sets of advantages and it is very difficult to clearly state as to which type of kitchen faucet is better. There are some people who prefer using single handle faucets and there are some others who prefer using dual handle faucets.

If one wants one can swap the single handle kitchen faucet with dual handle one or even replace the dual handle kitchen faucet with a single handle one.

 If one wants to know the steps of replacing top rated kitchen faucets then he or she can go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Shutting down the supply of water:

Before one starts the work of replacing the kitchen faucets it is important to stop the water supply completely by closing all the water lines.

  • Using a wrench to stop the supply of water:

In order to completely stop the supply of water it is important to make use of an adjustable wrench that will help in disconnecting the water supply lines from below the sink. In order collect the water that is there in the valves one can keep a bucket below the valves.

  • Disconnect the water supply of the faucets:

In order to do so one needs to make use of the appropriate tools that will him or her to completely detach the supply of water to the kitchen faucet.

  • Removing the mounts:

Before removing the kitchen faucets it is important to remove the mounts. In order to do so one first needs to remove the nuts and one can do so by making use of a basin wrench. Then one can make use of lubricating oil in order to remove the kitchen faucet.

  • Replace the top rated kitchen faucets:

Once the kitchen faucet is removed one needs to get the new kitchen faucet installed.

Even after following the above mentioned steps, if one finds any difficulty removing the faucet then he or she can definitely get in touch with a professional plumber. If one wants any more information about kitchen faucets then he or she can refer to